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Frequently Asked Questions


 What is Mastiha ?

Mastiha is not yet a household name which may leave you to wonder: “What is Mastiha”, The answer lies on the Mediterranean island of Chios Island in Greece.

Chios is the solitary home of the rare mastiha tree which produces the potent ingredient of the same name. The mastiha tree is often found in other various places in the Mediterranean with similar ecology, but it is only on Chios that the mastiha tree produces the resin in drops or “tears” that dry when exposed to the air creating mastiha. These drops of resin have been appropriately nicknamed “Tears of Chios”. Even more significant, however, is the fact that only on Chios does this dripping sap contain a myriad of health benefits that have been noted since ancient times.


A Protected Designation of Origin Product

Like champagne, mastiha has been recognised as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product by the EU. This certification is held by the Growers’ Association in Chios, and recognises and protects southern Chios as the unique terroir of mastiha products and the original tradition of mastiha production (which is also kept free from all chemicals and additives).



A UNESCO-recognised treasure

The know-how of mastiha production has been inscribed on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (ICH). The official UNESCO report acknowledges the worldwide significance of a tradition passed down from generation to generation and the local importance of communal practices around mastiha, which are instrumental in keeping the identity and memory of southern Chian culture vibrantly alive.



Mastiha Therapy

Mastiha has been recognized for both its distinctive aroma as well as for its beneficial and therapeutic attributes since the ancient times .

5th Century BCE: Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, discovers the medicinal properties of mastiha and uses it to treat digestive problems and colds.

Today, a series of reports in international medical journals corroborate the historically recorded properties of Chios Mastiha. These bulletins are based on the results of laboratory studies as well as on clinical trials (more than 100 studies) carried out by independent researchers worldwide, and have revealed that Chios Mastiha possesses unique beneficial and therapeutic properties. 



Mastiha Benefits

Published scientific research indicates that Chios Mastiha exhibits strong: •Antimicrobial and anti-bacterial action •Anti-inflammatory action •Anti-oxidation action.

The positive effect of the above attributes on human health are the contribution of Chios Mastiha on:
• the hygiene of the gastrointestinal system
•the prevention and the treatment of peptic system disorders (such as ulcers and dyspepsia)

  • Beneficial Effects on Lipids and Glucose Metabolism
•Exert anticancer activity in several types of human neoplasia
•the general oral hygiene (contributing to the reduction
of plaque formation, the elimination of the bacterial
growth in the oral cavity and strengthening the gums)


Mastiha Retail Shops

Has developed a retail outlet network under the brand “mastihashop” which comprises of 16 stores in Greece and abroad (New York, Paris, Dubai, Turkey, Cyprus etc) 


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